Hareruya Pantry is now on wheels!

Our very own Hareruya gelato cart is now available for hire across Melbourne.
Whether it be a university event, markets, weddings or ceremonies, Hareruya Pantry will be there to share it with you!

What's included?

  • Hareruya Gelato Cart on wheels
  • 3 gelato flavours of your choice
  • Monaka and daifuku options, available per request
  • Selection of toppings, available per request
  • Hareruya staff, doing all the scooping!
  • Dietaries (such as dairy free, vegan) covered
  • Cups, spoons and serviettes

Gelato Cart Package

Pricing: from $1950

add Monaka (rice wafer): +$250
add Daifuku (mochi skin): +$250
add toppings: +$100

Capacity: 100 - 250 people

Duration: 2 hours

3 flavours of your choice from our current selection
2 Hareruya staff

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We will arrive 30-50 minutes before scooping time to set up.
We require access to water, sink and power supply.
Gelato cart recommended for use indoors, or an outdoor area with roof and power.
We carry a rubbish can to collect used gelato cups and spoons. We ask for this collected rubbish to be disposed of at the venue.
Terms and Conditions